Our model

We are a socially responsible family-owned private investment company. And although many would claim the same, at Ennedi Investment we really are coherent and consistent over time in everything we think, say and do.

At Ennedi Investment, we have a model of sustainable profitability and management based on our founding values: the quality of our services and team, the trust we generate and earn, our social and corporate commitment, the feeling of being part of something greater, and teamwork with people who are extremely professional and empathetic in their relationships with partners and investors.

We are, and we aim to continue to be, a company with a social commitment in service to our collaborators, partners and investors, with the aim of always seeking the positive and beneficial impact of our activity, both internally and externally.

We would like to highlight some important points in which sustainability is present at all times:

Sustainability from our origins

Responsibility and social commitment have been in our DNA for many years. We are a team committed to improving our region, and therefore, from the outset, we have always been dedicated to its socio-economic development.

And, above all, we strive to ensure the well-being of our employees, partners and investors as if they were part of our family.

Our responsible actions

Within the investment sector, we are a benchmark for responsible corporate management.

We strive every day to offer the best experience to our employees, partners and investors with transparency, honesty, integrity, acting within the law and, of course, making use of the best management practices and humanisation in our personalised service.

Our Social Commitment

We are a company with a social commitment; that is to say, we care if others are having a worse time than we are.

For this reason, we prioritise savings, investment and forecasting, inclusion and financial education, as well as activities and projects that contribute to social progress.

Without financial education, the social and corporate system is adrift. In fact, at Ennedi Investment we think and firmly believe that financial education is something we still need to address in society today For this reason, in our organisation we consider it to be of vital importance for the improvement of each of the countries that make up this world, both in terms of business and in our private life.

Our Investment Plan

Socially responsible

At Ennedi Investment we have an Action Plan covering five lines of action that we want to share with you:

  1. Integrity, transparency and diversity To underline our responsible action. Without these three characteristics, a socially responsible company is not viable.
  2. Governance To maintain best practices in corporate governance. Essential for a meaningful and coherent corporate structure.
  3. Environment To support the fight against climate change and the sustainability of the planet. Our company believes that it is essential to be aware of the planet we live on and that we can, and must, take care of it in order to ensure a positive legacy for future generations. We must take care of the environment so that it continues to take care of us.
  4. Financial inclusion To help ensure people’s financial well-being. We are concerned about the lack of financial literacy in society, and financial well-being starts with understanding the system itself.
  5. Social action and volunteering To respond to the social challenges of our surroundings. Our team is a group of motivated people who, through our organisation, want to inspire other people and companies to continue improving the quality of life of other people.

Ennedi Investment’s action plan is complemented by a Dissemination Plan designed to communicate all our activities to collaborators, partners and investors.

The most important point is that all actions are carried out with transparency and integrity, with a plan for dialogue and two-way communication that allows us to detect new opportunities and society’s needs, thus enabling us to generate new business and economic initiatives, for employees, partners and investors.


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