Partner Companies


Fenix Gold SAS, Es una empresa legalmente constituida de minería de oro con 5 años en el mercado. Es considerada como una de las empresas de micro-minera más tecnificada en el municipio de Segovia, Antioquia; con un contrato de extracción de 5 hectáreas con la multinacional Gran Colombia Gold. cuenta con una alianza estratégica con la industria militar del país para la compra de explosivos. Además de eso cumple con todos los parámetros ambientales dictados por el departamento de Antioquia.
ENNEDI INVESTMENT tiene como propiedad el 16% de este proyecto.



Mind aims to create a global ecosystem of consumers and businesses that can benefit from trading with MUSD.

The company supports them through the economic transition from the traditional financial market to digitalisation. And enables anyone to make use of the Crypto Economy through an ecosystem designed with everyone’s needs in mind.

Martínez Asociados

Martinez Asociados SAS is a company established in 2004 in Cali, Colombia. It is mainly dedicated to the field of accounting and finance. It has a multidisciplinary team of 6 professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and 5 assistants who engage in continuous professional development. They are responsible for controlling and supporting the financial growth of companies nationwide, based on the foundation of responsibility, honesty and loyalty.



Established in 2021, Visión Gold SAS is a macro mining project in development, which has a 300-hectare extraction area with the multinational Eaton Gold Corp. in the municipality of Remedios, This project has a great future in an industry that is growing and consolidating itself as one of the most stable in the national and international economy.


NeWork is a Mortgage Broker, which facilitates the analysis of interests, procedures and benefits.
All this developed and guided by a team specialized in the analysis of mortgage loans, a team whose objective is to find the best solutions among all the existing options in the market.
NeWork will carry out all the paperwork on your behalf, providing you with step-by-step advice and maintaining strict confidentiality. It should be noted that this entire process will be carried out at no additional cost, since NeWork earns a commission directly with the bank.

Hacienda San José

Hacienda San José SAS, a legally constituted company in the agricultural sector, was founded in the year 2021. It has approximately 220 hectares of agricultural and livestock production, with crops native to the area such as starfruit and soursop among others. In addition to this it carries out activities such as beekeeping and fish farming with the aim of expanding its positive environmental impact on national fauna and flora.


Mental Fitness SAS is a company that brings together the concepts of technology and innovation with the latest trends in technology equipment in service to alternative medicine, a constantly growing market.
We provide wellness services using state-of-the-art biomedical devices that impact mind and body at the same time, generating optimal results in a very short time, thanks to the training that we tailor to our clients to generate permanent states of harmony.

To date, it has helped executives and students, high performance athletes and people with health problems.

Diamont Space

At Diamont, we believe in the power of sustainable digital investment
to drive both long-term growth and positive impact for
our clients. Sustainable digital investment is one of the many ways we help you invest,
always with the intention of achieving our clients’
goals and the future of their capital.
Our team of specialists in all digital markets combines
their expertise and diverse perceptions of the digital asset market,
performing strict fundamental analysis. The result? The opportunity
to get to know this new real world of virtual assets that is here to stay.


We are a team of consultants specialised in e-commerce.
We are a team of consultants specialised in e-commerce.
. We take care of the buying, selling and marketing, export and import, distribution, development,
storage, holding, administration and/or custody
of virtual goods and assets.
We also distribute and import educational software
for individuals and companies,
providing great knowledge and implementation know-how in applications and/or virtual
assets and virtual goods.


SOA SUR OESTE ANTIOQUEÑO S.A.S Empresa Agropecuaria 100% Colombiana creada desde el 2017 con énfasis en el cultivo y proceso de cafés especiales y de alta calidad, empresa con conciencia social y ambiental ubicada en un hermoso predio de 30 Hectáreas llamada LA UNION en el sur oeste Antioqueño Colombiano en la Población de Betania; Contamos con 120.000 plantas de café de diferentes variedades como: Castilla, Catimore, Variedad 2000, Caturra y la joya de la Corona nuestra variedad Geisha; acreedora a la Taza De la Excelencia en el año 2019 y ganadora al premio de baristas en el año 2021.tambien contamos con proyectos de apicultura y piscicultura y cultivos temporales de apoyo como el Plátano El banano, Aguacate y árboles Frutales.


Vereda La Convención

Edificio Portanova Local 107 108

Km2 vía Llanogrande

Rionegro, Antioquia,




C.A Calle Cuscatlán

Colonia Escalón San Salvador


El Salvador